Top 4 Hot Colours for 2018

The colour predictions for 2018 are in! As the experts said it, this seems to be the year where home décor will see less of whites and neutrals, and more of moody tones. Shades of blacks, blue-greens and darker hues will make their way back into home décor. When it comes to designing your living space, the excitement to keep it trendy never leaves the mind (we know it!).

Well, so here’s a quick list for all you fashionable home décor lovers, to help you decide the colour scheme for your next remodelling project. Read on to find out more:

Ultra Violet

Pantone announced ‘Ultra-Violet’ as their colour of the year, a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade. Violet or shades of purple, are ideal for making a surprising décor statement. It has the power to look royal yet funky at the same time. One of our favourites, Elle décor, compiled some looks for us purple lovers that we would love to share with you! From adding a purple accent wall to accessories to bedding, they bring several ideas to the table. Click here to explore more.


Picked by Sherwin –Williams, Oceanside is a darker blue-green rich tone and will work as a fantastic backdrop to any style of décor, ranging from traditional to modern. If staying all whites and neutrals is your home décor style, an Oceanside accent wall is the perfect fit for you. If staying vibrant is what you like, then perhaps adding colourful seating to your décor space – a darker blue-green accent chair or a tufted bench, will add that colour and a rich enhancement to your style of decor.

Deep Red

Benjamin Moore went completely bright and voted deep red as their colour of the year. As far as the color palette is concerned, red is known to brighten up the décor, even if it’s in small accessories or décor pieces. If your room has access to lots of natural light, red will surely add that freshness. Kitchen is believed to be one of the décor spaces, where red just adds that warmth and character to the space. You could look at adding red tableware, dining table accessories or a painting above the seating and that will just do the trick. Here are some ideas, if you’re looking for some inspiration.


The idea of adding a chalk paint accent wall to interior décor has been a bold trend, that is now expanding to other décor spaces. Painting your walls dark could be a scary thought - we are with you on that front. Although, if you still feel like trying it out, adding wrought iron furniture, some collectibles or painting your doors black will just be as sharp.

At AKROZO HQ, we’re in the mood to try Oceanside, what about you? Share your color scheme pick, ideas, pictures and stories.

January 26, 2018 by AKROZO Team