Damini | Handmade Jewelry

When we walked into Damini’s home, her children could barely control their excitement! They rushed to us, gazing up at the cameras, curious to find something new to play with. Damini gave them the look which they recognized right away, and all three of them ran outside to play.

Damini offered us some ice cold glasses of Jal Jeera (Cumin-flavoured Lemonade), which was exactly what we needed in the sweltering heat of Rajasthan in July. Like most women we came across in the beautiful city of Jodhpur, Damini was dressed in an intricately embroidered ghaghra-choli (long skirt and top), arms covered in colourful bangles.

AKROZO Artisan Profile DaminiThe art of jewellery making has been passed down to Damini from generations. Watching her mother create delicate accessories, Damini grew interested in the craft and began helping her mother after school when she was just a teenager. She believes that every piece of jewellery tells a story, and she approaches every design with the same attitude. She spends hours on every design, making sure the colours, the material, the style are perfectly aligned. Using tassels and beads, she creates jewellery ranging from anklets to necklaces. Our collaboration with Damini celebrates her talent of working with numerous threads and beads, weaved together in a unique and beautiful way. Handcrafted with immense attention to detail, each piece has been weaved to make a statement.

She hopes to one day pass on the skill to her children, but more importantly, she hopes to send all her children to university. Damini got married when she was just 16, and while she loves her family and enjoys their support, she can’t help but lament the fact that she could not study beyond grade 5. She beams with joy as she shows us her “English Alphabet” books that her husband brought for her from a trip to Mumbai.

For those who seek meaning in what they buy, Damini’s jewellery is the perfect answer. Always made with love and passion.