Our Journey

Our story began in the narrow and unpaved backroads of India. As we travelled through small villages, we saw artisans creating unique products. We found ourselves peering at something inspirational: exquisite crafts passed on over centuries by meticulous artisans, with the sole purpose of keeping their heritage alive. And that is how AKROZO was born.

Through AKROZO, we hope to celebrate and showcase the artisans, their inspiring stories, and bring their products directly to you. AKROZO is a way for you to be socially conscious – shop handmade fair-trade products and support our cause!

Incase you were wondering how to pronounce our company’s name, try this: ack-row-zo. Our name reflects a blend of ideologies - visionaries, designers, and curators - who hope to use their expertise to promote and give back to the artisan community around the world.

Our Goals

Our Philosophy

At AKROZO, we believe in empowering artisans all around the world. We collaborate with individual artisans who make these products tirelessly over days to weeks, and share our profits with them. Each product is designed and curated using local materials and their deep-rooted traditional skills. We establish strong relationships with the artisans, showcase their stories, and provide them with the opportunity to share their heritage and traditions with the world.

Once the goods have been crafted, we sell each unique product directly to you – there is no middleman. Each product is hand-made with love, using the finest quality material, and sold at more reasonable prices than lavish boutiques or big-box retailers.

AKROZO Process

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