Gift Thoughtfully on Mother's Day | 7 Unique Handmade Gifts

Mothers are often our first champions, friend, teacher, confidant, cheerleader, and almost always our first boss! For all the effort they put in and the sacrifices they make – they deserve to be celebrated all day, everyday!

This year, gift her something as unique as she is. Find just the right thing for every kind of Mom right here:


For the trend-setters, and not afraid to try on new things. It’s not an easy task when looking for a Mother’s Day gift for our fashionista moms but this handmade Envelope Clutch is an accessory that’ll become her favorite in no time. The canvas detailing on this piece can be paired with any monotoned or multi-colored outfit. Further on, if she needs some style inspiration for her outfits, get her to install on her phone and done!

JK Rowling Is The Right Answer

The little time that she finds in between her career, prepping meals and juggling house work, if you find her being glued to a novel or writing for herself – this notebook will be the best gift to her. The eco-friendly paper encased notebook in a red leather-bound cover will be nothing short of a thoughtful gift! Write her a little note on the first page and it’ll be one of her best memories.

Camera Lover

From baby showers to dinners, weddings to family get togethers, if you always find her with a camera in her hand, this handmade rustic frame is what she’ll absolutely love. Intricately hand carved, this piece will add character to her candid photos and her smile!

For the Clean Freaks (not really but almost)

We all have a little clean bug in us and some of us get that from our moms. Spotless clean is what her place should be and if you make a mess?! No way!! Let’s not discuss what’ll happen there. Instead, here’s a little something she’ll love you for! The double shaded handmade bamboo baskets are the most perfect gift you can get her. She could use it for plants, to put away her knick knacks and she’ll make you pancakes in return. We promise! 

For the Trend Setter

Here are a couple of options that’ll speak for the artist in her. Our beautifully handcrafted Wisdom Tree Pendant – a piece that features 7 natural stones will add that finesse to her personality. If she’s the kind who likes to be surrounded by flowers or is a nature-lover, then this unique Glass Heart Necklace is what’ll bring smile to her face.

For the Chef

We know, she loves to have people over all-the-time and kitchen is her best place to be! Well, here’s a clear winner then – the dual chamber glass bottles. She can store and serve her most favorite olive oil and vinegar in one go. Salads, pastas, appetizers, dressings – bravo! Another idea - If you feel she’ll be in the mood for a nice brunch, here are some quick and easy recipes.

Netflix and Wine

If she likes to mix the two together, you’d be her most favorite person in the world! Gift her this handblown glass wine decanter, so that she can fill it with her favorite vino and binge watch whenever she likes! If she loves it, her guests would love it too.

Still looking? Here are a few more affordable gift ideas.

Hope it all helps.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our supermoms! Hope you all get to spend a wonderful day together!