For All The Brides: 3 Reasons To Invest In a Specialty Hanger

It’s the Queen of all dresses, the one that will live on forever – in frames, albums and etched in your memory! We, as brides, are willing to spend thousands on wedding dresses and gowns but not on how it’s being displayed. Today, we’re dedicating this space to the use of Specialty Hangers.

Why a Specialty Hanger?

The thousands being spent on the wedding dress will be of waste, if it’s not displayed in the right manner. Use of plastic hangers to hang their dresses is a common mistake that brides should step away from. It might seem like a small thing but makes a huge difference in photographs! Use of specialty hangers will give your dress the glamorous look that it deserves.

Buy With a Purpose

When it comes to specialty hangers, looks can be deceiving! There’s a sea of options to choose from these days – wooden, metal, engravable, with or without notches. Always pick the one that solves the purpose first, that is, carry the weight of your dress and helps maintain the shape. You’d want your clothing and accessories to look as elegant as you, so always pick wisely.

Ease It Up For Wedding Photographers

A million tasks to take care of on the day of your wedding and the last thing you’d want is a wrinkled wedding dress. To avoid any folds and creases, always have your wedding dress set in an appropriate garment bag on a hanger. In addition, be sure to wrap your wedding dress in plain white tissue paper, especially the embroidered areas. The two steps are a time-saver and will make you and your photographer happy. And remember, happy brides make the prettiest brides!

Go make your dress picture-perfect! Display it. Frame it. Love it.


February 04, 2018 by AKROZO Team