Autumn/Winter Home Interior Trends

With each changing season, the trends for interior design shifts. Constantly moving furniture around your home and adding new decorative pieces - refreshes and adds to the charm of your place. Your home is likely your safe haven and to keep your space looking trendy, versatile and comfortable. We have some up-to-date trends for you! 

This season is all about using natural elements together to create an organic and cohesive look.

  1. Lanterns – Stylish and practical additions to your home. This season, these romantic accessories are the perfect way to warm up the ambiance in your home!  

  2. Precious stones – A bit of marble, agate or quartz here and there can really spruce up your place and add a modern and clean look to any room. Decorative items, such as lanterns, with these stones and their colour variants might be a new, yet basic way to create a chic space.

  3. Earthy Materials – Worn finishes on items made with wood, clay or metal for a subtle and trendy feel. Natural materials with their unique textures and tones accentuate the warmth of the season and promises to make any room look and feel comfortable.

  4. Velvet – A luxurious texture that is not only visually appealing but also adds to the soft coziness in any room. Velvet pillows are a perfect way to spruce up your couch, bed or that old upholstered chair and give it the welcome feeling for the fall and winter season.

  5. Woven Items – From baskets to trays to rugs, these woven textiles can add warm-accents to your living space. You can easily contrast the rough texture of these items with a soft velvet pillow or a hand-knit wool throw. Try to switch it up with these items – perhaps hang handwoven baskets on your wall to create a focal point.

  6. Colours – Blush pink is a welcome new shade adding a light and calm touch to your home accessories. Also – grey, emerald green, teal, deep cranberry, soft chestnut, and golden ivory are some of the colours you can use to spruce up your home interiors this season.  

Happy decorating!


October 16, 2017 by AKROZO Team