Five Tips to Add a Pop Of Colour this Winter Season

With winter settling in, you don’t have to stick to brown and grey colours everywhere. While neutrals are comfortable and cozy, a complete lack of bright colours can make a room look dull and dampen your mood. You don’t need to bring out your painting tools; a bold statement can be made with some key decor pieces:

1) Accent chairs - a brightly patterned upholstered chair is a terrific way to expand your seating and add a pop of colour to a neutral or warm toned space.These chairs don’t have to be limited to your living room; adding an accent chair to your bedroom and dining room seating is a fun way to keep things colourful and trendy.

2) Indoor planters - plants like Orchids and Peace Lilies are surprisingly easy to maintain during the winter months and add a natural brightness to any space. Make it even more fun by using printed or patterned planters. This also makes for a unique holiday gift for your loved ones.

3) Lighting – brighten up a dull space by using bold colour pendants for lighting. A red drop pendant over a rustic dining room setting keeps you on trend while magically bringing the room to life.

4) Cushions -  Handmade cushions in bold prints and colours, like our Maroon Royal Bloom and Vine cushions are a simple and effortless way to revamp your space. Arrange them on your sofa or toss a few on your all white bedding. They are a perfect way to accompany the glitz of your holiday decor!

5) Art – accessorize your bare walls by adding some colorful art. When it comes to vibrant wall art, less is more, so keep it limited to a few tasteful pieces!

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Keep it colourful!



November 14, 2017 by AKROZO Team