Simple Ways To Layer Your Decor

Put on your favorite tunes, light some candles, throw on your coziest sweater, slip on a pair of fuzzy socks and snuggle up next to the fireplace! That's what winter is all about!

As we transition from t-shirts to sweaters, sandals to boots, and from sangrias to eggnog and cider, it's essential to also refresh your home by making it winter-ready. One of the best ways to transition from autumn to winter is to add layers to your decor. A comfy throw and an assortment of unique and festive cushions on the sofa goes a long way in creating a warm and inviting look.

And our Golden Leaf handmade cushions do just that! The leaf pattern on jute fabric is the perfect way to rejuvenate your space. The cushions add natural tones with a splash of colour and are a wonderful way to start making your home ready for the holidays.

Head over to our Home Décor section to check out the collection.

Stay warm and cozy!



November 12, 2017 by AKROZO Team